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Omnicron Electronics - Professional Voice Logging Recorders and Accessories - since 1975


Accessories used to connect Computer Sound Cards to Telephone and
Two-way Radio circuits 

bulletLIC-1PC Telephone Line and Two-Way Radio Audio Tap
Similar to the LIC-100 but with adjustable audio output level. It is used to provide audio from a telephone line for use with audio monitoring and recording equipment. It has a balanced line-input, transformer isolation, balanced line-output, and a screwdriver adjustable audio output level. It also provides the protection required when connecting to a phone line or two-way radio remote control circuit (DC or tone). The audio output level can be set for use with either Microphone Level or Line Level monitoring equipment.  Click here for installation instructions and photo. $53.50
bullet  TSA-3PB  Couples audio from an external source
                         into your desk telephone.

      Used with most telephone styles that have a standard modular handset or headset jack. Connecting between your phone and the audio output of your computer sound card, audio recorder, radio, etc., it features: isolated and adjustable audio output; RF Bypass; and a three position function switch. Click here for instructions and photo. $57.10

 TSA-3PC  Telephone Handset Audio Tap
Our most popular adapter for recording your phone calls on a PC. Provides a simple means of connecting your Computer Sound Card so that it can monitor both sides of all conversations that take place on the handset or headset of your telephone. It can be used on all telephones that have a standard four slot modular handset jack, analog, digital, PBX and ISDN. Isolated and adjustable audio output level. Connects to either the Microphone (MIC) or Auxiliary (AUX or LINE) audio input jack on computer sound cards. Click here for instructions and photo. $53.50 

bulletContact your Omnicron representative for assistance in the selection of the products that are best suited to your application.



                          Prevent costly mistakes - record all important phone and two-way radio conversations. Compact, economical recorders that document every word of your important conversations.       
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