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Omnicron Electronics - Professional Voice Logging Recorders and Accessories - since 1975


About the single channel Cassette Tape Recorders.
Not for newer Multichannel Digital Recorders.


Q. Will voice-activated recorders be turned on by phone line noise when the telephone is not in use?
A. Not normally. When properly installed and adjusted, the recorders rarely record between conversations. Phone line couplers used with Omnicron VLR recorders (LIC-390, etc.) help to minimize noise between calls. The digital recorders are designed for direct connection without external couplers. If your line is excessively noisy, the LIC-39R or LIC-39C can be used to reduce the noise between calls.

Q. Why must there be an interface coupler between the telephone line and the recorder?
A. Digital recorders from Omnicron have built-in phone line couplers. Analog recorders (VLR and CR series) require an external coupler between the recorder and the telephone line. The LIC-390 or LIC-39B are used when connecting directly to a telephone line to record all conversations on that line. The TSA-3, TSA-3B, TSA-3S, or TSA-3SB are used when connecting to the handset jack on your telephone. They allow you to record all conversations on that telephone. Phone line couplers also provide important isolation and control circuitry. Consult your Omnicron representative or your telephone company about special applications.

Q. Is a periodic beep tone required to inform callers that I am recording?
Not in most applications. Federal law 90-351 title 18, section 2511, sub section 2D, requires that only one participant in a recorded conversation be informed of the recording. Some organizations still use the beep tone to discourage unnecessary conversations.  State and local regulations should be checked to see if the beep tone is required in your area.

Q. At the beginning of a conversation, how long does it take for the recorder to start recording?
A. The motor in analog recorders require about 1/4 of a second to reach full speed. When recording conversations with a microphone, the first syllable of the first word may not be recorded in its entirety. When recording telephone or 2-way radio conversations, the recorder starts the instant the phone is picked up, or the radio is keyed. The motor will be up to speed before the start of the conversation. The turn-off delay (user adjustable, normally set at about six seconds) prevents stopping during conversations. Digital recorders start instantly.

Q. Is it necessary to have a professional technician install the equipment?
A. No. The recorders are easier to install than a fax or hi-fi systems. Most installations involve either plugging into existing jacks or connecting a cable to the circuit you wish to record. Couplers, cables, and adapters are available (required in some installations) to help make installation easy. An understanding of computer operation is helpful with digital recorder installation and use.

Q. In the event of a power failure, can the recorders be used with batteries?
A. Yes. Analog recorders will automatically switch to internal rechargeable batteries (optional). With digital recorders you will need an external standby power source. Since they do not consume much power, one of the low-cost uninterruptible back-up power units sold for use with computers will keep your recorder running for quite awhile. Rechargeable batteries will be automatically charged when the equipment is powered by AC and take over when external power is lost.

Q. Can conversations on extension telephones be recorded?
A. Yes. As long as the extensions are in the same building as the recorder. Off-premise extensions, such as an answering service across town, will not be recorded.

Q. I have a multi-line telephone system. Can I record all conversations on all lines with one recorder?
A. Yes and No. With a single channel recorder you can connect to the handset of a multi-line phone or switchboard and record all calls regardless of which line is used. However, when the recorder is installed in this manner, calls made from or transferred to another telephone will not be recorded. If you wish to record all calls on all lines regardless of which extension is used, you have to record each line or extension individually. Either one single channel recorder or a channel on a multi-channel recorder would be dedicated to each phone or phone line that you will be recording.

Q. I wish to record both telephone calls and two-way radio messages. Can it be done with a single channel recorder?
A. Not in most applications. Since the recorders have only one voice logging channel, you will not be able to record more than one audio source or conversation at a time. 

For further clarification, answers to other questions, for help in the selection of equipment best suited for your application and a review of system operation, consult your OMNICRON representative.


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