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Omnicron Electronics - Professional Voice Logging Recorders and Accessories - since 1975


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Omnicron's VLR  recorders are used in many different applications. The information on this page will help you to select the most popular items for telephone and two-way radio recording.

Total Recall, Call Recorder, and Soft Call digital recorders are totally self contained and do not normally require accessories. 

Additional assistance is always available from your Omnicron representative.

1. What will you record?
2. Which recording speed?
3. Do you need time & date?
4. Connecting cables?
5. Extra cassette tapes?
6. Separate playback unit?

1.      Each source of conversation will normally have its own recorder. Connect a recorder to the phone on your desk and it will record all conversations on that phone. It starts recording when you use the handset and stops after you hang up. It does not matter what type of telephone you are using or how many lines are on the phone. You will be recording the handset audio.
            When connected to a phone line, the recorder will record whenever that line is in use, regardless of which phone in the building is using the line. Connect a recorder to your two-way radio base station or receiver, and it automatically records all received and transmitted messages.
            If you need to record phone lines that are used by many phones, order one recorder for each phone line. To record individual telephone instruments, order a recorder for each phone you will be recording. If you want to record your two-way radio conversations, order a recorder for your radio.
             Remember you can add additional recorders later if your needs change.

Tapes recorded at the normal 1-7/8 inches per second (ips) speed provide two hours of talk time, one hour on each side of a MLC-120 tape. Slow speed recording packs four or eight times as much on each tape and provides extra security by preventing the tapes from being understood in standard speed players. Standard speed tapes also will not be understood if you play them in slow speed recorders.
               Select the VLR-1 recorder for standard speed recording and playback. The 1/4 speed is the most popular. It will pack 8 hours of talk time on each tape and still give you superb fidelity. For 1/4 speed operation use the VLR-4 recorder. If you need the maximum recording time, and don’t mind some loss in audio quality, order the 1/8 speed VLR-8 recorder for 16 hours on each tape.

To have the recorder be able to tell you the time and date that every word in each conversation was recorded, order the TCC-14 time clock and recorders with the CT option. For example, the VLR-1CT, VLR-4CT, or VLR-8CT. Each recorder with the CT option comes with a six foot cable that you use to connect it to the clock. Up to 50 recorders with the CT option can be connected to a single time clock. If the recorders are more than 6 feet from the clock you can extend the two wire cable with standard speaker or telephone wire.
            If you will be using the recorder with a time clock, place the letters CT after the recorders speed designator (1, 4, or 8). For example, to order the 1/4 speed recorder with the CT option the part number would be VLR-4CT.

Each recorder will require an adapter or coupler that you will use to connect the recorder to your telephone handset, phone line, two-way radio, etc.
            Order a TSA-3 Telephone Supervisory Adapter if you are connecting a recorder to the handset jack on your telephone to record all conversations on the phone.
            If you will be connecting your recorder to a phone line, order the LIC-390.
            When connecting to a two-way radio, the LIC-100 can be used with either local or remote-controlled radio circuits. With some radios, your radio service may have to connect the recorder to the radio for you.
            Omnicron has many other adapters, couplers and cables to meet specific applications. If your needs are not met by the standard items described above, check the recorder accessory sheet or contact your Omnicron representative.

Standard size audio cassette tapes are used, like the ones you play in a car. Each recorder comes with one MLC-120 tape. With Omnicron tapes and tapes that are sold for dictation use, you can record on the magnetic leader which is at the beginning and end of each tape. Music tapes do not start recording until you are past their clear or lightly colored lead-in material. Order extra tapes as needed.

6.    All recorders will also play back their tapes. If you will be playing back the cassette tapes at another location, you can use an Omnicron Voice Player. Order the player to match the recorder you are using to record the tapes. For example, if you use the VLR-4 recorder, order a VP-4 player. If you are using the VLR-4CT recorder, order a VP-4CT etc.


Most people find that the actual recording time per day is about one half of what they thought it would be.


                          Prevent costly mistakes - record all important phone and two-way radio conversations. Compact, economical recorders that document every word of your important conversations.       
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