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When installing the clock, check the connecting cables to insure that they are not damaged, are connected properly to your recorders, and that the power to the clock is connected to the correct terminals.

If the clock does not operate properly, it may be necessary to re-set the speech circuitry to start it talking, or the time/date may have to be re-set to the correct time.

If the clock does not talk properly or if it cannot be set in the normal way, a complete reset may be required to get it going. To reset the clock you must disconnect all power for a few seconds. First unplug the clock from the AC power source and if your clock has the TCC-B option, switch the battery back-up switch to the OFF position. After letting the clock sit with the power removed for a few seconds (the green power indicator light will be off), depress the SET button and while keeping it depressed, re-connect external power (the green light will come on). After power has been on for a few seconds, release the SET button. The clock should start talking. If your clock has the TCC-B option, switch the battery back-up switch ON.

If the clock does not announce the correct time or date, instructions for re-setting the unit are in your OWNER’S MANUAL. The TCC-14 clock has eight internal programming switches which allow you to select the format of the announcements. These switches enable or disable the following features: YEAR, BEEP, SECONDS, DATE, CONTINUOUS ANNOUNCEMENTS, and the 24 HOUR mode. You may also select an announce ON-THE-HOUR function if the unit is not in the continuously repeating mode. Internal programming switch #8 is used when adjusting the time base for accuracy, it must always be left in the OFF position unless the clock is being serviced.


If your OMNICRON TCC-14 Talking Clock is not announcing the correct time, it clock must be informed of the correct information using the SET and ADVANCE push buttons. Note that the "SET" and "ADVANCE" buttons will time-out if not pressed within five seconds, and the time will be set to whatever was programmed up to that point. Also note that the time is programmed into the clock in the same order that the clock speaks the time. This is done as follows:

Press the "SET" button, keep it depressed until the clock stops talking. When you release the "SET" button, the clock will announce the hour that is now stored in its memory. If the hour is incorrect, press the "ADVANCE" button to increment the hour register. Notice that the clock will say the new hour each time the "ADVANCE" button is depressed. Setting of the hour is always done in twenty-four hour format, even though the clock may be in the AM/PM announcement mode. One PM will be announced as "THIRTEEN", two PM will be announced "FOURTEEN", three in the afternoon will be announced "FIFTEEN", etc.

Press the "SET" button again. The clock will say the minutes that are now stored in its memory. Press the "ADVANCE" button to increment the minute register as required. The clock will announce the new setting each time the "ADVANCE" button is depressed and released. Holding the "ADVANCE" button down will cause the clock to continuously advance from one minute to the next.

Press the "SET" button again. The clock will now say the month that is in its memory. If the month is incorrect, press the "ADVANCE" button until you reach the correct month.

Press the "SET" button again. The clock will announce the day of the month in its memory. If the day is not correct, press the "ADVANCE" button until the correct day is announced.

After any of the above selections, if you wait for five seconds to pass after depressing either the "SET" or "ADVANCE" buttons, the clock will be set to the values last stated. However, if you wish to adjust the year register, you should press the "SET" button within five seconds after setting the day of the month. This will begin the year setting sequence. If the "SET" button is pressed to set the year, the clock will announce a two digit number between 00 and 99. This register should be set for the tens and units of the year. Press the "ADVANCE" button until the correct number is announced.

Now that the year has been set, the clock will wait until the "SET" button is pressed before regular operation begins. This is to permit you to synchronize the clock to another time source. The clock will set the seconds counter to zero when the "SET" button is pressed this last time.

If the clock has been set to continuously announce the time, you will hear the announcements whenever the "SPEAKER" switch is in the "ON" position. If the clock is set to the on-demand mode, you also must press and release the "TEST" button to generate a time announcement.

Check your OWNER’S MANUAL for additional information. Telephone, FAX, and E-MAIL assistance is available directly from OMNICRON ELECTRONICS.

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