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Omnicron Electronics - Professional Voice Logging Recorders and Accessories - since 1975



When installing the recorder, check the connecting cables to insure that they are not damaged, and that they are properly connected. If the recorder does not operate properly in your installation, it may be necessary to adjust the RECORD LEVEL to match your audio source. Normally the ACTIVATE SENSITIVITY and TURN-OFF DELAY calibration adjustments would only be moved from their mid-range setting for room monitoring or unusual applications.

bulletWeak audio — increase the RECORD LEVEL adjustment (turn the control clockwise with a small screwdriver).
bulletAudio is too loud or distorted — decrease the RECORD LEVEL adjustment. If your recorder has an ALC Switch, make sure it is switched to the ON position.
bulletStops during weak conversations — first increase the RECORD LEVEL, then if even more sensitivity is required, increase the ACTIVATE SENSITIVITY.
bulletRuns with no conversation present — decrease the RECORD LEVEL if it is running with noise that is weaker than your conversations, check to see if the ACTIVATE SENSITIVITY control has been set too high, set it to mid-range.
bulletTurns off too quickly during pauses — increase the TURN-OFF DELAY.
bulletRuns too long after a conversation ends — decrease the TURN-OFF DELAY.

The TIME TRACK switch (on recorders with the CT option) should be switched to the OFF position to hear recorded conversations. Switch to the ON position to hear recorded time announcements. The Time Track will be silent if a talking clock was not connected to the recorder when your tape was recorded.

The MONITOR function key should be in the UP position if you do not wish to listen to what is being recorded while it is being recorded. If the MONITOR key is DOWN when recording from a microphone or telephone which is in the same room as the recorder there may be a feedback squeal or echo. If the speaker squeals in record, turn the MONITOR switch OFF.

The RECORD key cannot be depressed if a cassette tape is not in the recorder, or if the cassette has the knockout tabs removed. To prevent chassis damage, DO NOT FORCE the RECORD key if it does not depress easily.

When recording directly from a telephone line, an interface coupler must be used between the recorder and the phone line. The coupler must be properly connected to both the recorder and the telephone circuit. Any switches on the coupler should also be checked to insure that they are in the correct position.

If you are still having a problem, test the recorder with its built-in microphone prior to connecting to your telephone or radio circuit. This will help to isolate the trouble to either the recorder or your connections. If it does not start and stop properly with the built-in microphone, check to see that the controls and calibration adjustments have not been set drastically too high or too low. Return the RECORD LEVEL, ACTIVATE SENSITIVITY, and TURN-OFF DELAY controls to their mid point (half way between the maximum clockwise setting and the minimum counter-clockwise setting) and re-test the recorder with the built-in microphone. If the recorder is OK, re-check your installation connections and settings.

Check your OWNER’S MANUAL for additional information. Telephone, FAX, and E-MAIL assistance is available directly from OMNICRON ELECTRONICS. 


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