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Omnicron Electronics - Professional Voice Logging Recorders and Accessories - since 1975



LIC-39B — Recorder to Telephone Line Coupler
with Beep

The LIC-39B is used to connect your Omnicron recorder to a phone line. You will be able to record all conversations on that number, regardless of which phone is using the line. The unit has a “BEEP” tone generator to remind you that your conversation is being recorded and is compatible with most voltage controlled telephone circuits.

It provides a balanced line-input, transformer isolation, capacitive coupling, RF bypass, and a balanced line-output. A voltage sensing mute circuit prevents your voice activated recorder from false triggering when the phone line is not in use.

The LIC-39B is supplied with cables and connectors that have been wired to meet most standard applications. Both the volume and interval of the BEEP tone are adjustable. There is a switch to disable the DC voltage sensing circuit if you wish to monitor phone line audio when the voltage on it is above 35 Vdc.

1. Connect the input cable which has a modular RJ11C phone plug on the end to the telephone line you wish to monitor (“A” on the drawing below). If you do not have an extra jack for the phone line, adapters such as the Omnicron MTJ-3 will convert a single RJ11C jack to two jacks (one for your phone, one for the LIC-39B).

2. The LIC-39B can now be connected to your Omnicron VLR recorder. Connect the cable with the small plug labeled REM to the REM (Remote) jack on your recorder (“B” on the drawing below). Connect the other cable with the plug labeled AUX to the AUX (Auxiliary) jack on your recorder (“C” on the drawing below).

3. Plug the AC power adapter (“D” on the drawing below) into a suitable wall outlet which is not controlled by a wall switch. If the AC adapter is not used, you will still be able to record but there will not be a beep tone on the phone line while you are recording.


When your phone line is in use, the LIC-39B feeds the audio from your telephone line to your recorder. It detects when the recorder is recording and generates a BEEP tone which is fed to the phone line. Operate the recorder as outlined in its owner’s manual.

The BEEP tone circuit senses that your recorder is running through the cable that is plugged into the REM jack on your recorder. The BEEP can be eliminated by disconnecting the REM cable or unplugging the AC power adapter. A green light on the front of the LIC-39B will be lit whenever you are recording and the BEEP circuit is active.

On the bottom of the LIC-39B is a switch for turning the DC SENSING “ON” or “OFF”. If the coupler is connected to a standard telephone line which will have a DC voltage present when the circuit is not being used, place the DC SENSING switch into the “ON” position. This will turn on the noise reduction circuit built into the LIC-39B. Noise on the telephone line will not be coupled to the output of the coupler when the phone is not in use and the voltage on the line is greater than 35 volts DC. When the phone line is in use, the voltage drops below 35 volts DC. This is sensed by the coupler, and all sounds on the phone line will be fed to your recorder. Turn the switch to the “OFF” position if you do not wish to use the automatic muting circuit.

The beep tone circuit in the LIC-39B is only active when your recorder is in the record mode and the recorders tape drive motor is running. Since your VLR recorder is voice-activated, it will stop recording after a few seconds of silence. When your recorder stops recording the LIC-39B will also stop beeping.


The volume of the BEEP can be changed by adjusting the BEEP LEVEL calibration adjustment which is accessible through a hole on the bottom of the LIC-39B. Use a small screwdriver to turn the control counter-clockwise for a weaker BEEP, or clockwise for a stronger BEEP.


A calibration adjustment on the bottom of the unit can be used to change the interval between beeps. The “BEEP INTERVAL” should be set so that the beeps occur every 15 seconds.


If the unit fails to work, recheck all connections and test your recorder to see that it is operating properly. Telephone assistance is available from your place of purchase, or directly from Omnicron Electronics at the phone numbers listed below.


The LIC-39B is warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of original purchase. Within this period, we will repair it without charge for parts and labor. To obtain warranty service it must be returned, at the owners expense to Omnicron Electronics.

This Warranty does not apply if in the sole opinion of Omnicron Electronics, the product has been damaged by lightning or any other Acts of God, improper installation, misuse, neglect, unauthorized modifications, or use in violation of the operating instructions.

Except as specifically provided in this agreement, there are no other warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, any implied warranties or merchantabilities or fitness for a particular purpose and in no event shall Omnicron Electronics be liable for loss of profits or benefits, indirect, special consequential or other similar damages arising out of any breach of this warranty or otherwise.


Federal law 90-351 title 18, section 2511, sub section 2D, requires that at least one participant in a recorded conversation be informed of the recording. Check your state and local regulations for further guidelines.

Use of the LIC-39B coupler on telephone circuits which are not private may be regulated by local tariffs. If local tariffs apply, contact your telephone company for application assistance. Do not use the LIC-39B on a party or pay phone line, since it will record the conversations of all parties. This would be unlawful.


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