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Omnicron Electronics - Professional Voice Logging Recorders and Accessories - since 1975


ASC-SP Automatic Recorder Sequencer photo

With the ASC-SP Recorder Sequencer properly connected between two Omnicron VLR Voice Logging Recorders, only one recorder will function at a time. The first recorder to be placed in operation will operate normally. The other recorder will have its motor disabled by the sequencer until the first recorder turns off, either automatically when the tape runs out in play and record, or manually by popping up the function buttons. After the first recorder turns off, the second recorder will function normally.
Recorder operating procedures and instructions for connecting the recording equipment to the source of audio you wish to record will be covered in the manuals you received with the recorders, etc. If you are installing the ASC-SP with Omnicron recorders which were not ordered specifically for use with this sequencer, a diode (D11) inside of the recorder may have to be removed for proper operation. Contact your place of purchase for assistance.
There are two three conductor cables, one for each recorder. Insert the large plug from one of the cables into the MIC jack on the side of the recorder, and the smaller plug into the REM jack on the same recorder. The other cable connects to the second recorder in a similar manner. If you will be using the MIC jack for your audio source, the large plug can also be plugged into the AUX jack. Using either the AUX or MIC jacks will disable the recorders built-in microphone.
The audio source you wish to record (telephone coupler output, 2-way radio, etc.) will normally be connected directly to the AUX jacks on both recorders. The audio source should be capable of supplying line level audio between 0.1 and 2 volts RMS. If the source is a balanced audio loop, such as a telephone line, a coupler with a line level output such as the Omnicron LIC-390 will be required between the recorder and the audio source.
When the recorders are used with the Omnicron Talking Clock, the CLOCK cables which are supplied with the recorders connect directly to the audio output of the clock as described in the recorders manual.

1. Place a cassette tape in one of the recorders and depress the RECORD and PLAY buttons to initiate automatic recording.
2. Place a cassette tape in the second recorder and place it into the record mode.
3. The first recorder will function normally and record all messages until it either runs out of tape, or is manually turned off. The second recorder will not run while the first recorder is in operation.
4. When the first recorder runs out of tape, or is manually turned off, the second recorder will start recording. The end-of-tape alarm in the first recorder will beep if its alarm switch is in the ON position.
5. Replace or turn over the cassette in the first recorder, and place it back into the record mode.
6. As soon as the second recorder runs out of tape or is turned off, the first recorder will take over and the second recorder’s alarm will sound.
7. Etc., etc., etc.
The ASC-SP sequencer may not be compatible with other makes of recorders. Older model recorders from Omnicron Electronics (recorders with Serial Numbers below 300000) may require modification to the recorders and the sequencer prior to installation. Assistance is available by contacting Omnicron Electronics at the address and phone numbers shown below.



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