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Omnicron Electronics - Professional Voice Logging Recorders and Accessories - since 1975


RSA-M1 Two-Way Radio
Supervisory Adapter

Note: This adapter is for use only with original (older) style of Motorola RADIUS two-way radios. Newer radios do not have receiver audio available at their microphone jack that is suitable for recording. Consult radio technician to see if an adapter is needed and if either RSA-M2, RSA-M3, RSA-M4, or RSA-U5 would be suitable.

The RSA-M1 is used to provide a simple and inexpensive method of connecting an Omnicron recorder to Motorola two-way radios. It is usable on most Motorola radios that have an eight position modular microphone jack.

The RSA-M1 is supplied with cables and connectors which have been wired to meet most standard applications. It can be customized to meet unusual requirements. Consult your place of purchase if cables are required with non-standard lengths, connections, or circuitry.

1. Unplug the microphone cord from your radio set and plug it into the jack on the RSA-M1 adapter.

2. Plug the short black cable from the RSA-M1 into the microphone jack on your radio. Your radio should now function normally as you have simply connected a short extension into its microphone cord.

3. The RSA-M1 can now be connected to your Omnicron Recorder. Plug the gray cable labeled AUX into the recorderís AUX jack and the gray cable labeled MIC into the recorderís MIC jack.
              Receive audio from your radio has been connected to your recorderís AUX audio input jack. Transmit audio from your radio has been connected to the recorderís MIC jack. Test the recorder for proper operation. Adjust the record level control on your recorder for the best audio quality.

4. Locate a convenient spot on your radio to mount the RSA-M1. Insure that there is enough slack in the cables so that they can be easily un-plugged, if required, and that it will not interfere with the operation of the radio. Use the double stick foam tape and cable ties which are included with each RSA-M1 to attach it to your phone.

If the unit fails to work properly, recheck all connections and test your recorder to see that it is operating properly. Telephone assistance is available from your place of purchase, or directly from Omnicron Electronics at the phone numbers and web site listed below.

Federal law 90-351 title 18, section 2511, sub section 2D, requires that at least one participant in a recorded conversation be informed of the recording. Check your state and local regulations for further guidelines.



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