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Omnicron Electronics - Professional Voice Logging Recorders and Accessories - since 1975


TCC-14C Talking Time Clock with
Intermittent Announcement Feature

Clocks ordered with the Intermittent Announcement "C" option (TCC-14C) have an adjustable announcement repeat rate. A timing circuit has been added to permit you to set the announcement repeat rate between 10 and 40 seconds.

This option is used with multi-channel digital logging recorders when verbal announcements are recorded both to back-up the digital time and to permit you to easily make copies of the recordings along with the time. If the clock was used in the continuous mode it would repeat the time without pause and occupy 24 hours of channel time per day. Having the clock pause between announcements takes up less channel time since the digital recorder only records during audio activity.

Accessible through a hole on the side of TCC-14 clocks with the "C" option is a screwdriver adjustment that can be set for one announcement approximately every ten to forty seconds. If you adjust the repeat rate, do not force the control.

Internal Programming Switches

Inside of the clock is an eight section programming switch. Use the switch to select the following options :

1.   Announce the year "00" to "99".

2.   Produce a "BEEP" prior to each announcement.

3.   Announce the seconds.

4.   Continuously repeat announcements. (OFF for Intermittent announcement operation).

5.   Do not announce the date.

6.   Announce the time "ON-THE-HOUR", in on-demand mode only (leave OFF).

7.   Announce in 24 hour format.

8.   Calibrate 32.768 kHz (leave this switch in the OFF position).

You can further reduce the amount of recording time per announcement by selectively turning off the date, turning off the month and day, turning off the seconds, turning off the beep prior to each announcement, and switching to the 24 hour mode (the clock does not announce AM or PM in 24 hour format).

The length of each announcement will vary from as short as one second (hour and minute), to as long as 7 seconds (beep, hour in 12 hour format, minutes, seconds, month, day, and year). Follow the instructions in your manual when changing the announcement format.

If you require assistance in the installation or operation of your clock, contact your place of purchase or:

Omnicron Electronics
581 Liberty Highway
Putnam, CT 06260

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