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Total Recall
4 to 60 channels
2 or 4 channels
2 or 4 channels/PC
Total Recall Omnia
4 to 92+ channels
Total Recall Neos 
24 Analog & 30 VoIP
Total Recall Altus 
4 to 92+ channels

Available from your local communications equipment supplier, on-line resellers, and direct from Omnicron
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Omnicron Electronics - Professional Voice Logging Recorders and Accessories - since 1975


Digital Voice Logging Recorders

   Which recorder is right for you ?
Total Recall or TeleCorder ?

  If you are not certain, have questions, or an unusual application, 
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Total RecallTotal Recall  Neos desktop recorders provide secure voice logging for up to 24 phone lines, phone instruments, two-way radios, and/or 30 VoIP sources of conversations. The TRVR rack mount Omnia can have up to 60 analog channels and 60 VoIP/ISDN. The TRVR Altus can be configured to record up to 72 active analog plus 30 VoIP channels. You can mix T1, E1, PRI, or ISDN inputs.
     All have
built-in color display and hard drive for access to the most recent 600,000 conversation hours (Neos & Altus) or 700,000 conversation hours (Omni), built-in CD/DVD recorder to archive 180 hours on a CD or 1,000 hours on a DVD, LAN and USB archiving, plus simple navigation keys. They also provide LAN/WAN and dial-up access to recordings, live monitoring, etc.

            TRVR Neos desktop
Total Recall MAX recorder records from ISPN, PRI, VOIP, and Analog conversation channels securely documenting all conversations.
            TRVR series rack mount

CLICK HERE TO VIEW ON-LINE TOTAL RECALL Brochure — 5th Generation, Ver. 10  —  Total Recall Brochure (pdf) (two pages, 8-1/2" x 11", 1029k)
Guides/Manuals for 5th Generation Version 10 recorders
Note: User Guides and Documentations listed below are for V10 software. Contact your Total Recall representative for documentation, software, or to update an older recorder.

    Total Recall V9.xx + V10.xx Analog Quick Start  2 pages (714k)
    Total Recall VR Overview  61 pages (1933KB)
    Total Recall VR LinX Neos Quick Start Guide  38 pages (1193k)
    Total Recall VR LinX Altus Quick Start Guide  38 pages (1252k)
    Total Recall VR LinX Omnia Quick Start Guide  43 pages (1435k)
    Total Recall VR Deployment Guide  83 pages (3312k)
    Total Recall VR Embedded GUI User Guide  154 pages (2736k)
    Total Recall VR Remote Manager User Guide  169 pages (6602k)
    Total Recall VR RoD Client User Guide  38 pages (1525k)
    Total Recall VR Supervisor Client User Guide  51 pages (1453k)
    Total Recall VR SNMP Agent User Guide  23 pages (1269k)
    Reseller Brochure 2 pages (842k) small (367k)
    User Brochure 2 pages (824k) small (375k)

         VoIP / T1 / E1 / PRI / ISDN Capable Recorders
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TRVR-Omnia & TRVR-Altus
Rack mount
    Records up to
120 simultaneous conversations
from Analog, VoIP, T1, E1, PRI-ISDN sources.

Total Recall - TR-MAX

  VoIP / T1 / E1 / PRI / ISDN Capable Recorders
Click here for additional information
   Click here for information on the older 4th Gen. V9 recorders (pdf)




two & four channel voice logging recorders

TeleCorder  recorders are compact 2 or 4 channel logging recorders that store recordings on a built-in hard drive (TCwL-2F @ $995, and TCwL-4F @ $1345 or directly to a PC via USB connection (UC-02B @ $265 & UC-04B @ $345). TeleCorder - TC-02F and TC-04F


      TeleCorder On-Line Brochure — page 1, page 2, page 3

TeleCorder Brochure — PDF

     TeleCorder Manual (TCwL-2F & TCwL-4F USB & LAN V2.45) — PDF


     TeleCorder Manual (UC-02B & UC-04B, USB, no HDD V2.18) — PDF


bullet       DIGITAL RECORDER ACCESSORIES  click here for accessories

Editors' Choice award in December 2000 issue of COMMUNICATIONS SOLUTIONS Magazine. 1st Generation

voice loggers
received Editors' Choice Award
in December 2000 issue of


TOTAL RECALL = Product of Year 1st Generation

voice loggers
received Product Of The Year Award
in January 2001 issue of

bullet Total Recall and TeleCorder recorders connect to phone lines, phone sets and two-way radio audio using standard phone line cables. These cables are available from Omnicron and local suppliers in various lengths. They can be connected to virtually any analog phone line or corded telephone set (using optional adapters — analog, digital, single line, multi-line, handset, or headset). Be sure to ask about cables and accessories for applications or installations where the standard cables and adapters are not suitable.

Omnicron has provided affordable solutions for archival voice storage and supervisory monitoring since 1975. Our recorders are used worldwide to provide back-up recordings for Public Safety, Security, Financial Institutions, Call Centers, Aviation, etc.

bullet Questions?
Contact your Omnicron representative for assistance in the selection of a recorder and accessories that will exactly match your voice logging requirements.

It is illegal in the USA to record conversations unless at least one of the participants is aware that the conversation is being recorded. The user should check local and state laws, and is responsible for the lawful use of audio recorders.



                          Prevent costly mistakes - record all important phone and two-way radio conversations. Compact, economical recorders that document every word of your important conversations.     
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