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Omnicron Electronics - Professional Voice Logging Recorders and Accessories - since 1975



Power Supply for operating 5 volt TeleCorders from 12v mobile power



The TC-12vPSU is is used to power a 5v TeleCorder recorder from a 12 volt DC vehicle power source.
     It has a 3 foot power input cable with fused cigarette lighter style plug for connecting to 12vDC vehicle power. This plug can be removed if the
TC-12vPS is to be hard wired to the 12vDC power source. It is protected for reverse polarity connection. If input is not connected with the correct polarity or there is no voltage on its input, its green power output LED will be off.
     The five foot power output cable has a 2.5mm coaxial power plug to match the 5vDC power input jack on
model TCwL-B4 and models TC-02F, TC-04F, TCwL-2F and TCwL-4F with serial numbers higher than 363100.


Size: 4 x 3 x 1-5/8 exclusive of cables, 8-1/2 oz.
Input: 9 to 18vDC, 10ma (no load), 180ma with TCwL-4F
Output: 5vDC, 1000ma maximum (TCwL-4F draws o/a 310ma)
DC drop-out protection: 2200ufd capacitors on input and output
Shielding: Internal switching PSU has six sided metal case
Isolation: 1000 v input/output
Efficiency: 75% typical
Protection: Input reverse polarity with 3A fuse in plug
Warranty: Limited one year manufacturers


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