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Omnicron Electronics - Professional Voice Logging Recorders and Accessories - since 1975



Two-Channel Audio Attenuator



The TLA-R2 is used when audio that is substantially louder than what a recorder is designed to handle needs to be fed directly to the input of the recorder. Recorders that are designed for audio levels that are found on standard phone lines and or telephone handset audio may produce distorted recordings if the input audio is too high. The TLA-R2 is also used if the audio peaks overdrive the audio input of the recorder causing compression or clipping. During parts of a conversation when the audio is too loud for the recorder and the weaker sounds are inappropriately boosted for a decreased signal to noise ratio, decreasing the input level will provide for better recording quality.
     The audio adjustment marked "1" is for the audio on pins 3+4 of the 6P4C modular input and output connections. Pins 2+5 of the IN/OUT connections use audio adjustment "2". The inputs have capacitive coupling (250vAC/DC) and a 10k ohm impedance. It does not pass DC voltages.
      To install on a recorder using modular input jacks, unplug the cable from the recorder with audio that is too loud, plug that cable into the jack on the TLA-R2 labeled "INPUT". Connect the supplied short cable between the TLA-R2 "OUTPUT" jack and the jack on the recorder where the cable connected to its "INPUT jack was previously connected. The TLA-R2 is designed to be used with either single or dual channel recorder input jacks as found on the Total Recall and TeleCorder recorders.
      As supplied, the controls on the TLA-R2 are set to mid-range to reduce the audio by about 50%. If you find the audio on one of the channels to still be too loud, use a small screwdriver to adjust its control counter-clockwise. If the audio is too weak or low, adjust the control clockwise to increase its output level. There will be very little attenuation of the audio when a control is fully clockwise.

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