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Total Recall
4 to 60 channels
2 or 4 channels
2 or 4 channels/PC
Total Recall Omnia
4 to 92+ channels
Total Recall Neos 
24 Analog & 30 VoIP
Total Recall Altus 
4 to 92+ channels

Available from your local communications equipment supplier, on-line resellers, and direct from Omnicron
Purchase your Voice Logging Recorder and Accessories with payment via credit card 
Net-30-Day terms to well rated firms and Government agencies. Payment can be made via credit card, check, or wire transfer.
Same day shipping for most orders received prior to 3:00 PM EST.

Omnicron Electronics - Professional Voice Logging Recorders and Accessories - since 1975


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NOTE: This page has PDF manuals and documents that are for older versions of the recorders. CLICK HERE for PDF documentation for current products. 

    TOTAL RECALL RECORDERS Generation s/n and Software version

    Generation 1 = s/n lower than 7075, software V 1.60 (2000-2004)
        Generation 2 = s/n 7075 to 9164, software V 4.60 (2004-2009)
        Generation 3 = s/n 11000 to 11262, software V8.60 (2009-2013)
        Generation 4 = s/n 11263 and higher, software V9.15 (2013 up is current)
Page Title File Size

Total Recall Multi-Channel Digital Recorders Old PDF files

User's Manual, TRL & TRR, V8.6.0, Nov.. 2010  72 pages (   1999k)
Admin/Install Manual, TRL & TRR, V8.6.0, Nov. 2010 136 pages    (3265k)
User's Manual, TRL & TRR, V8.5.0, Jan. 2010  72 pages    (1999k)
Admin/Install Manual, TRL & TRR, V8.5.0, Jan. 2010 136 pages   (3265k)
Total Recall (TRL/TRR) User's Manual V8.4.0 Dec. 2009  72 pages 1,750k
Total Recall (TRL/TRR) Admin/Install Manual V8.4.0 Dec. 2009  136 pg 2,358k
Total Recall (TRL/TRR) Owner's Manual V4.60u, May. 2008  67 pages 3,301k
Total Recall (TRL/TRR) Owner's Manual V4.59u, Jul. 2007  67 pages 3,341k
Total Recall (TRL/TRR) Owner's Manual V4.56u, Aug. 2006  67 pages 3,299k
Total Recall (TRL/TRR) Owner's Manual V4.00u, Jun. 2005  61 pages 3,073k
Total Recall (TR) Owner's Manual Version 2.50u May. 2003  43 pages 2,007k
Total Recall (TR) Voice Logger (older units)  2 pages 365k
Total Recall Owner's Manual Version 2.20u (old) Jun. 2002  43 pages 1,962k
Total Recall Owner's Manual Version 2.00 (old) Jun. 2001  43 pages 1,890k
Total Recall - Hard Drive Testing, Reloading, and Copying  10 pages 119k
Total Recall MAX Comprehensive Information (TR-MAX and TR-DS)
                   Total Recall MAX VoIP Information
                   Total Recall MAX ISDN Information
                   Total Recall MAX Analog Information
                   Total Recall MAX VoIP Solutions
                   Total Recall MAX ISDN Solutions

                   Total Recall Desktop Server Information

TeleCorder Multi-Channel Digital Recorders Old PDF files

2 and 4 channel Digital Voice Loggers, User 2 pages (1614k) small                 305k
2 and 4 channel Digital Voice Loggers, Reseller 2 pages (1591k) small            294k
  TCwL-2F & TCwL-4F  V2-43, Manual 29 pages                                     3,245k
  TC-02F & TC-04F (5v Power supply) V2-42b, Manual  23 pages             2,652k
  TC-02F & TC-04F (5v & 12v PSU) V2-42a, Manual 23 pages                  2,527k
TeleCorder TCwL-B4  V2-43, Manual 22 pages                                        2,397k
TeleCorder TCwL-B4 (records to HDD USB+LAN) V2-41, Manual 2,342k
TeleCorder TC-02F & TC-04F (records to HDD) V2-41, Manual 2,467k
TeleCorder TC-02F & TC-04F V2-30-r3, Manual 3,077k
TeleCorder TCwL-B4 (records to HDD USB+LAN) V2-41, Manual 2,115k
TeleCorder TCwL-B4 V2-40, Manual 1,639k
TeleCorder UC-02B & UC-04B V2-18 Manual 3,695k
TeleCorder UC-02B & UC-04B V2-17-R,1 Manual 3,776k
TeleCorder UC-02B & UC-04B (records to PC) V2-17, Manual 3,018k
TeleCorder UC-02B & UC-04B (records to PC) V2-10, Manual 1,191k

Digital Recorder Accessories

Computer to Telephone Audio Accessories 174k
Digital Recorder Accessories 766k
Radio Supervisory Adapter - RSA-U5 285k

Analog Single-Channel Recorders and Accessories

Conference Recorder (CR-1 and CR-4) 69k
Conference Microphone (PZ-2LA) 66k
Analog Recorders (VLR) and Accessories - 11" x 17" 4 page brochure 144k
Analog Recorders (VLR) - page 1 412k
Analog Recorders (VLR) - page 2 508k
VLR Recorder - Owner's Manual 312k
Analog Recorder Accessories - page 1 236k
Analog Recorder Accessories - page 2 191k
Talking Time Clock (TCC-14) - page 1 369k
Talking Time Clock (TCC-14) - page 2 522k
Analog Recorder System Selection Guide 175k

Price List click here for current price list pdf

Price List - Effective February 21, 2012  (59k)
Price List - Effective February 16, 2011  (59k)
Price List - Effective January. 07, 2010  (59k)  
Frequently Asked Questions on VLR series recorders and Order Form 26k

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