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Omnicron Electronics - Professional Voice Logging Recorders and Accessories - since 1975

NOTE: This is older manual, for software shipped with recorders prior to March 30, 2010
Follow this link for TC-02F and TC-04F recorders with software V2.42.  
TeleCorder Manual (TC-02F & TC-04F, with HDD & USB V2.42)  PDF  

TeleCorder TC-02F & TC-04F User Manual, V2.41 section 1 of 6   PDF
Click here for older V2.02


Voice Logging Recorder

TC-02F and TC-04F
with UpCorder Software


User Manual
Version 2.41-F-US


        This manual is comprised of six web pages. Start at the next section, click on a topic below, or download the manual in PDF format for printing.

                                        Table of Contents
1.   TeleCorder Configurations

2Cable Connections and Testing
       2.1.  Identifying the Front and Rear Panel Connections
        2.2  Connecting to Phone Lines and other Audio Sources
                2.2.1  Connection for 2 channels with TC-02F
                2.2.2  Connecting for 4 channels with TC-04F
        2.3.  Power Connection
        2.4.  Preliminary Testing
        2.5.  Installing Software and Connecting to a PC

3Setup via USB Connection to PC
        3.1  Open Software
        3.2  Recording Process
        3.3  Setting for Phone Line or Voice Activated Recording
        3.4  VAR Settings (Voice Activated Recording)
        3.5  Setting Channels for Operation in VAR Mode
        3.6  Configuring TeleCorder using a PC
                3.6.1   Channel/Port Setup
                3.6.2   VAR Voltage Threshold (Voice Activated Recording)
                3.6.3   Turn Off Delay Time (VAR Space Time)
                3.6.4   VAR Timeout
                3.6.6   Save or Delete Recordings Less Than 8 Seconds
                3.6.7   Date/Time Setting
                3.6.8   Audio Recording Mode (Quality of Recordings)
                3.6.9   Limitation for List Displaying
                3.6.10   Caller ID Detection Settings
                3.6.11   About TeleCorder PC Software
                3.6.12   Quit Hardware Information & Settings
                3.6.13   Notes for Setup via PC
        3.7  Setting up TeleCorder using its Built-in HandyPlayer Keypad
        3.8  Removal of TeleCorder
4Managing and Playing the Recordings
        4.1  Managing and Playing Recordings with a PC
                4.1.1   Connection
                4.1.2   Using the Utility Software
                4.1.3   Refreshing the List of Recordings
                4.1.4   Re-Order the List of Recordings
                4.1.5   Find Recordings using Search Criteria
                4.1.6   Files, Information
                4.1.7   Conversion of Recordings and Saving with a PC
                4.1.8   Print and Save the List of Recordings
                4.1.9   Deleting Recordings from TeleCorder
                4.1.10   Hardware, Info & Settings - Access to Hardware Menu
                4.1.11   Hardware Information
                4.1.12   Date and Time Setting
                4.1.13   Set Channels to Voice Activated Recording (VAR)
                4.1.14   VAR Voltage Threshold
                4.1.15   VAR Turn Off Delay
                4.1.16   VAR Time Out
                4.1.17   Save VAR less than 8 seconds or less than 3 DTMF #
                4.1.18   Recording Mode, Select Quality of Recordings
                4.1.19   Limiting the List of Displayed Recordings
                4.1.20   Caller ID Detection Settings
                4.1.21   About TeleCorder PC Software
                4.1.22   Quit or Exit PC Software
                4.1.23   Lock/Unlock with Password
                4.1.24   Modify Password
                4.1.25   Built-in Keypad and USB Passwords
                4.1.26   Play Recordings from List
        4.2  Playing Recordings Using the Built-in Keypad
                4.2.1     Description of Displayed Data and Symbols
                4.2.2     Operational Procedures
5Guarantee & Liability

6.  Specifications

7Contact Information for Support and Service

.  Popular Accessories
TSA-3LM  Adapter for Connecting to a Phone Set at Handset Jack
        TSA-SLM  Adapter for Connecting to a Phone Set with On/Off Switch
Handset Supervisory Adapter, with Active Audio Mixer
        RSA-M4    2-way Radio Supervisory Adapter
2-way Radio Adapter with Amplifiers and PTT Sensing
Boosts Weak Handset Audio for Recording
Telephone Line Switch Box
          Telephone Line Cable with T Adapter
Twenty-Five Foot Phone Line Extension Cable
        TSA-2A1   Adapter for Connecting to a Phone Set, with Audio Mixer
        RSA-U5     Radio Adapter, with Amplifiers, Mixing, and PTT Sensing
        MOD-SC   Adapter for Converting modular phone plug to mini-plug
        MTJ-S2     Converts 2-line modular jack to individual L1 & L2 jacks
Pressure Zone Room Monitoring Microphone
9.    Notes
10.  User Notes

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