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Omnicron Electronics - Professional Voice Logging Recorders and Accessories - since 1975

   NOTE: This is older manual, for software shipped with recorders prior to March 30, 2010
Follow this link for TC-02F and TC-04F recorders with software V2.42.     
TeleCorder Manual (TC-02F & TC-04F, with HDD & USB V2.42) — PDF

TeleCorder TC-02F & TC-04F — User Manual, section 6 of 6   PDF


7. Popular Recorder Accessories

        TeleCorders come with cables that are suitable for installations where the audio sources are terminated with modular phone jacks. If the supplied cables are not appropriate for your installation, contact your TeleCorder representative for assistance in selecting accessory cables or adapters to match your application.

TSA-3LM — Telephone Handset Supervisory Adapter
        The TSA-3LM is the easiest, and most popular way to monitor conversations on individual telephones. It can be used to provide a simple method of connecting the recorder to the telephone handset or headset audio.
        It can be used with most telephone styles that have a standard modular handset or headset jack (RJ-10, 4P4C). Simply connect one end of the cable in series with the telephone handset or headset cord and connect the other end to the recorder. The TSA-3LM has a twenty-five foot (25') output cable that can be extended with the T25-EXT or other suitable phone line extension cables.


TSA-SLM — Telephone Handset Supervisory Adapter, with on/off switch
        The TSA-SLM provides all of the functions and features of the TSA-3LM with the addition of an on/off switch that is used to disconnect the telephone audio from your recorder when you do not want your conversation recorded. The TSA-SLM has a 25' output cable that can be extended with the T25-EXT.

TSA-2A1 — Telephone Handset Supervisory Adapter, with Active Audio Mixer
             Used to provide a method of connecting recorders to the handset (or headset) circuit of a phone that does not have normal side-tone (no mouthpiece audio is present on the earpiece of the phone). It can be used with telephone styles that have a standard modular handset or headset jack (4P4C). If the phone you wish to monitor has side-tone, as with most business phones, you should use the less expensive TSA-3LM adapter.

RSA-M4 — Two-way Radio Adapter with Active Amplifiers and Optically Isolated PTT Sensing
            The RSA-M4 is used to provide a simple and inexpensive method of connecting voice logging recorders to two-way radios that are not remote controlled (with remote controlled radios most digital logging recorders can be directly connected to the control pair).
When the radio is transmitting, a relay is used to disconnect the audio output of the RSA-M4 from receive audio and connect it to the transmitter audio only when transmitting. The RSA-M4 is designed to match audio levels common with Motorola radius series of 2-way radios. It increases the transmit audio volume fed to the recorder by 500% to match receive audio and has a green LED to indicate when it is sending transmit audio to the recorder.

RSA-U5 — Two-way Radio Adapter with Active Amplifiers and Optically Isolated PTT Sensing
            Similar to the RSA-M3 and RSA-M4, the RSA-U5 has screwdriver adjustable amplifiers to boost weak receiver and transmitter audio levels and a low power optically sensing circuit to mute microphone audio when the radio is not transmitting. Most two-way radio applications do not require an adapter to mix receiver and transmitter audio. Some radios have audio levels that do not require an active amplifier and the Omnicron # RSA-M3 or RSA-M4 would be sufficient. Connections to radios that need to be made inside of the radio should only be done by a qualified technician.

TSB-15L — Boosts Weak Handset Audio for Recording
        Handset audio levels from most phone sets is loud enough to be satisfactorily recorded with your TeleCorder. However, some phones may have weak audio that can be boosted by +15db by using the TSB-15L. Instead of connecting the handset audio directly to the recorder, connect it to the modular input jack on the TSB-15L, and connect its 10″ output cable to the recorder’s input jack. Audio levels are increased by a transformer. No external power is required.

TSB-6 — Telephone Line Switch Box
        Connects in series with the phone cable (RJ-11 single-line circuit) feeding your recorder. With its ON/OFF switch in the OFF position the output RJ-11 jack is disconnected from the input RJ-11 jack. The TSB-6 includes a six foot phone cable terminating in an RJ-11 plug.

T-18 — Telephone Line Cable with “T” Adapter
        This multi-purpose cable assembly can be used to connect between two RJ-11 (single line) or RJ-14 (two line) phone jacks. It is 18' long and comes with a “T” adapter. The “T” adapter is used when you do not have an extra jack for the cable connection. It will convert a single phone jack into two parallel jacks.

T25-EXT — Twenty-Five Foot Phone Line Extension Cable
        Provides a 25' extension for standard RJ-11 or RJ-14 phone cables with a modular plug on one end and a modular jack on the other end. It is compatible with either single line RJ-11 or two line RJ-14 cables.
MOD-SC — Converts Modular Phone Plug to 3.5mm Mini-Plug
        The MOD-SC is used when you have a cable with a standard RJ-11 single-line telephone type plug that you need to connect to audio from equipment with 3.5mm mini-plug jack. It has an RJ-11 jack on one end and a 3.5mm monaural mini-plug on the other end.
        The MOD-SC is typically used to connect modular telephone line cables used with audio recorders to the audio output of a radio receiver that uses a 3.5mm jack for speaker or line level audio output.

MTJ-S2 — Converts a 2-Line RJ-14 Modular Telephone Jack into Separate RJ-11 Single Line Jacks
         This adapter/cable assembly splits a 2-line RJ-14 circuit/jack into two RJ-11 jacks (Line-1 on left and Line-2 on right). It is typically used with the two line jacks on the TeleCorder and other Voice Logging Recorders that have two inputs on a single modular jack (RJ-14, 6P4C).

PZ-2LA — Pressure Zone Room Monitoring Microphone
        The Omnicron PZ-2LA Microphones are Pressure Zone Microphones designed for meeting and conference recording. They look like a switch, not a microphone, so as not to draw attention.
        Like other Pressure Zone Microphones, they use a miniature microphone capsule mounted near a sound reflecting plate. In this zone, direct sound from the source combines in phase at all frequencies with reflected sound. The benefits are many: 6 dB more sensitivity, 6 dB less noise, a wide smooth frequency response free of phase interference, excellent clarity, and consistent pickup anywhere around the microphone. A built-in amplifier provides a high level output. Power for the amplifier in the PZ-2LA is provided by an AC power adapter which is supplied with the PZ-2LA microphone. The PZ-2LA comes with a cable for connecting to the RJ-11 jack on the TeleCorder digital audio recorders. If the microphone is located more than 25' from your recorder, standard RJ-11 telephone extension cables can be used. One twenty-five foot (25') extension cable is supplied with each PZ-2LA.

8. Contact Information for Support and Service
Manufactured in China by:
        Beijing ChangXing., Co., Ltd.,  

Distributed in USA by:
        Omnicron Electronics
        581 Liberty Highway
        Putnam, CT 06260

        Phone: (860) 928-0377
        Fax: (860) 928-6477

9. Notes
1. The recorder comes with a factory-set master password, which is in the machine code that is set by its hardware and cannot be changed. This password is written on a sheet that comes with the recorder and will be an effective password forever (keep this password in a secure place). If you lose the master password, your TeleCorder may have to be returned to a factory authorized service facility to determine what the password is from its internal hardware.
2. Avoid shaking the TeleCorder, and keep it in an environment with moderate temperature and humidity that is suitable for electronic equipment.
3. There are no user-serviceable parts inside of the TeleCorder. Refer servicing to qualified service personnel. If the clock does not maintain the correct time and date without external power, an internal battery may need to be replaced (# CR2032).
4. Do not expose to rain or moisture.


10.  User Notes 
                                 Password  _________________________

                                 Serial No. _________________________




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