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Omnicron Electronics - Professional Voice Logging Recorders and Accessories - since 1975


  TeleCorder product brochure page 2, page 1, page 3, PDF

TCwL-2F & TCwL-4F
two & four channel voice logging recorders
with hard drive, LAN, USB and built-in player

TeleCorder 2 or 4 channels - internal player + USB access to record telephone and two-way conversations in call centers, public safety, and general busines applications

         TCwL-2F & TCwL-4F
      with internal hard drive,
      built-in player, LAN, and  USB
       access to recordings.

Front with speaker, LCD display, & keypad

Back with input and output connections

TCwL-2F & TCwL-4F Brochure (PDF) Owner's Manual (PDF)


Four Channel Recorder with LAN and USB access
     Recordings stored in the TCwL-2F and TCwL-4F recorders can be accessed through its built-in player as well as via USB or LAN (network) connection to a PC using the supplied Win-2000, XP, Vista, or Win-7 Operating Systems (32 or 64 BIT). Time, date, IP address, etc. are configured using a PC.
     To prevent tampering, the recorders can be placed in an equipment room or supervisor’s office with a network connection providing access to the recorded conversations. All that is needed is power, a connection to the network, and access to the conversations you need to record — phone lines, telephone handset audio, two-way radio audio, etc.

bulletSoftware copies recordings to PC via LAN and USB
bulletConnects to phone lines, phone instruments,
or other line level audio sources

bullet Automatically copy recordings to PC via LAN, and manually copy recordings to PC via LAN or USB 
bulletLive monitor one channel via LAN from a PC
bulletEconomical to purchase and use
bulletIdeal for long term unattended recording
bulletRecord from 1, 2, 3, or 4 sources of audio
bulletPasswords (3) to avoid unauthorized access
bullet Automatically record all of your conversations
bulletInternal hard drive stores the most recent 7,200 conversation hours 
bullet FTP File Archiving and Retrieval
bulletSolid State Hard Drive
bulletBuilt-in 2175Hz and 2300Hz Notch Filters (optional)
bulletTriple Play — access the recordings using their built-in HandyPlayer (1), via USB connection to PC (2), as well as via your Network (LAN) (3). 
     You can now have an inexpensive recorder that connects to your network (LAN) and view, sort, play, copy, and monitor a live recording from any PC on the LAN as well as via USB and simultaneously play recordings using the recorders built-in player — all without interrupting recording functions.

bulletReFlash Utility provides settings for automatically synchronizing the recorders Real-Time-Clock (RTC) to your PC time as well as calibrating the recorders internal RTC for accurate time keeping when not synchronized to PC time. The ReFlash Utility also provides other functions for customizing the recorder's connections and operation.
bulletSearch from HandyPlayer and set HandyPlayer Time and Date format for Year/Month/Day, Month/Day/Year, or Day/Month/Year.
bulletAll new TcVcom main circuit board and software for improved performance and stability includes settings to periodically upload the recordings from the recorder to your PC using the LAN connection.
bulletView channel activity and listen in on active conversations from your PC using the LAN connection. Copy recordings from the recorder to your PC via LAN or USB connections. 

TCwL-4F recording list as viewed on a PC


UC-02B & UC-04B
two & four channel voice logging recorders that
record directly to a PC hard drive via USB connection

            UC-02B & UC-04B
        for direct to PC recording

Front with power and channel activity lights

Back with input and output connections

      Similar to TeleCorder  models TC-02F, TC-04F, and TCwL-B4 but without the built-in hard drive, display, keypad, speaker, and external power supply and LAN connection. The UC-02B and UC-04B have been developed as a less expensive alternative to stand-alone voice logging recorders. With the UC-02B (2-channel) and UC-04B (4-channel), recordings are archived directly to the hard drive on your PC using the supplied software and USB cable. The recorders are supplied with software that is compatible with Win-2000, XP, Vista, and Win-7 Operating Systems (32 or 64 BIT).

bulletRecord conversations directly onto the hard drive
of your PC via a USB
cable connection and UpCorder software that comes with each recorder
bulletAdd or edit text notes for each recording
bulletPowered by your PC via the USB cable
bulletEasy plug-and-play hardware and software
bulletUp to 140 hours of talk time per Gigabyte
bulletSearch, sort, play, archive & e-mail calls from PC
bullet Simultaneous playback and recording from one, two, three, or four audio sources

UC-02B & UC-04B Brochure (PDF) Owner's Manual (PDF)


 Quickly Pays for Itself
     Have you ever thought of recording your telephone or 2-way radio calls automatically onto the hard disk of your PC? If you carry out important business affairs, there may come a day you will be very thankful that you recorded a call. The diskless
TeleCorder  can be a valuable and inexpensive addition to your business environment. Your recordings will be available whenever you need them, and you’ll have proof of exactly what was said, who said it, and when. The TeleCorder  will quickly pay for itself many times over.

A Very Practical Product
     With the TeleCorder , your PC can record every conversation automatically. No action needs to be taken to record a call, so you cannot forget to make a recording. It is possible to delete a recording immediately after it has been made, or at any time in the future. The software supplied with the TeleCorder  automatically makes a database from which all recordings can be retrieved. Your recorded conversations can be searched by, date, phone number, or text notes that you add.

Many Applications

bulletBanks and other financial firms
bulletCall centers and medical offices
bulletService firms such as airlines, taxi control
centers, pizza delivery, towing firms, etc.
bulletPrivate individuals with lots of business
contacts or less than perfect memory
bulletInsurance agencies, insurance adjusters,
collection agencies, concrete plants, etc.
bulletAny firm that needs to document important conversations and be able to verify details
of verbal agreements

Click on image to see large size image of this software window.
Typical port activity window as displayed on PC

Typical log of recordings as displayed on PC

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TeleCorder   Brochure — PDF
            TCwL-2F & TCwL-4F Owner's Manual V2.49 PDF

            TCwL-2F & TCwL-4F Owner's Manual V2.45, PDF

            TC-02F & TC-04F Owner's Manual V2.42, PDF

            UC-02B & UC-04B Owner's Manual V2.18, PDF



                          Prevent costly mistakes - record all important phone and two-way radio conversations. Compact, economical recorders that document every word of your important conversations.     
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