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Omnicron Electronics - Professional Voice Logging Recorders and Accessories - since 1975


Total Recall VR Extended Warranty –Terms of Use

1.1.   Description  

Total Recall provides the highest quality post-sales service to our channel partners and clients. Our support team is staffed by highly qualified, talented and dedicated engineers who are committed making your Total Recall deployment as straightforward as possible, and who constantly strive to improve the functionality of your system.

Every Total Recall VR system includes a 24 month back-to-base hardware warranty. However some clients prefer to retain a factory warranty for a longer period of time. Our extended warranty program is the perfect solution for clients who wish to extend their peace-of-mind.

To take advantage of our extended warranty program, the required Extended Warranty period should be specified and paid for by your clients when the recorder is still under the 24 month warranty. The distributor should notify us via email within four weeks of the order, specifying the Serial Number of the Total Recall VR system that is covered by the Extended Warranty, and the corresponding warranty time period.

Payment for Extended Warranty clients should be finalized in the next distributor purchase order . Simply specify the product code TRVR-EXTW-‘X’ on your purchase order, with ‘x’ being replaced by the number of years of coverage that the client purchased.

After payment, the Total Recall VR products warranty will be extended for the specified Total Recall VR system, for the specified time period. The Total Recall VR Extended Products Warranty is not transferrable between systems, and does not apply to external accessories or spare parts. For the full warranty terms and conditions, please see

1.2.   How It Works

Total Recall VR systems are sold via a worldwide network of channel partners (distributors and resellers). Per the terms of our regular product warranty, when a client wishes to make a warranty claim they should first contact the channel partner from which they purchased the Total Recall VR system. The channel partner will then contact Total Recall VR technical support to diagnose and resolve the problem, following which the channel partner will provide the required support locally, or send the Total Recall VR system to our factory in Sydney, Australia.

This structure remains the same with our extended warranty program. For the specified time period, Prolancer Pty Ltd will:

a) Repair or replace parts that are deemed to be faulty, and;

b) In cases where a TRVR system is sent to our factory, we shall return the repaired system within 14 days of receiving the system.

Shipping costs from the client to the repairer (the channel partner, or Prolancer) are the responsibility of the client. In the event that parts are deemed to be faulty, shipping costs from the repairer to the client will be the responsibility of the repairer.

Parts that are used in the repair of a Total Recall VR system under the terms of this Extended Warranty program will be warranted for 12 months from the date of return shipment, or for the remainder of the Extended Warranty period (whichever is longer).

The prices below are calculated based on the selling price by Omnicron Electronics to resellers and end-users in North America. You may set your own local pricing for extended warranties as required.

1.3.   Pricing Details for recorders distributed in North America by Omnicron Electronics, Putnam, Connecticut USA

1 Year: Included

2 Years: Included

3 Years: (TR9-EW3):  6% of purchase price

4 Years: (TR9-EW4):  9% of purchase price

5 Years: (TR9-EW5):  12% of purchase price

1.4.   Contacting Us

     Total Recall VR Technical Support in USA is available between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM EST from Omnicron Electronics (Putnam, CT USA), Monday to Friday. Our contact details are as follows:

Phone: (860) 928-0377, FAX: (860) 928-6477


North America Address:
                   Omnicron Electronics
                   581 Liberty Highway
                   Putnam, CT   06260   USA

     Total Recall VR Technical Support outside of North America is available between 7:30 and 16:30 AEST (Sydney, Australia), Monday to Friday. Our contact details are as follows:

Phone: (+61) 2 8065 0850


Factory Address:
                   Prolancer Pty Ltd
Unit 6, 7 Millennium Court,
                   Silverwater 2128, NSW, Australia

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